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Registration takes place at the start of each day and at the beginning of every lesson using the SIMS Lesson Monitor electronic system.

Tutors are responsible for monitoring the attendance of students in their tutor group and raising any concerns about attendance or punctuality with the Head of Year.

All absences need to be covered with a note from home and tutors have a vital part to play in ensuring that records are correct.

The Attendance Officer will also monitor absence and will make contact with home wherever possible. This ‘First Day Response’ has been shown to reduce absence rates.

Students with good attendance records will be rewarded with certificates presented in assembly every half term. The notice board in A Block will be used to display the best attending tutor group in each year group and the best in the school each week. These will also be printed in the Student and Staff Bulletins.

Parents will be informed and involved in discussions in cases where there appears to be a problem. The most serious cases will be referred to the Educational Welfare Officer via the Head of Year.

In the Sixth-Form, students are required to fill in a blue form for absences known about in advance and a yellow form for reporting unforeseeable absences. If a student is absent without adequate reason on several occasions, the Director of Post-16 will issue a warning. If the problem continues, the parents/carers will be consulted. A further series of absences may then result in the student being asked to consider an alternative career path to the Sixth-Form.


Members of the SLT team may record those students who arrive late into school and a year detention may be given for students who are late to school more than once in any week.

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