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GCSE English (Year 10)

Examination board: Edexcel

GCSE English (2EH01)

  • The majority of students will be studying this specification.  Upon successful completion of the course requirements students will be awarded one GCSE in English


  • Full details of the course requirements and sample assessment material are available at www.edexcel.com


Coursework requirements and mode of assessment

  • To be awarded a GCSE in English students must successfully complete the following three units of study:


Unit 1: English Today (20% of the overall award)
Controlled Assessment
• Selection of pre-release non fiction texts to be read on screen or on paper
• Choice of two themes that are both meaningful to students
• Assessment based on two texts from the selection provided
• Two tasks:
– reading to analyse key points such as the writer’s choice of presentation, image and language
– writing for identified purpose and audience


Unit 2: The Writer’s Craft (40% of the overall award)
• Foundation and Higher tier
• Three questions:
– one reading response to a Different Cultures prose text
– one reading response to a Shakespeare text
– one writing task for a specified audience expressing opinions and analysing ideas on a topic relevant to students’ experiences
• Literature questions: three part structured questions based on an extract


Unit 3: Creative Responses (40% of the overall award)
Controlled Assessment
• Three Speaking and Listening tasks
• One reading response to poetry
• One writing task: a personal and imaginative written response based on a stimulus provided by Edexcel


What is controlled assessment and how is it different from coursework?
Controlled Assessment is the replacement for coursework and the main difference is simply that our students must now produce their work in school under supervision from their class teacher within a specified amount of time.
Additional support available to students

  • Private study club 3pm – 5pm every Wednesday
  • Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

How can parents/carers help?
Ensure that you talk to your child about coursework deadlines, help students read and understand texts and become part of the proof-reading process by checking through work to help your child reflect on the accuracy of his or her written expression.

Further information contact: Miss V. Pateman, Head of Faculty: English Media and MFL

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