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GEOGRAPHY is a part of our everyday lives, so come and discover the world around you!

Welcome to the Heathcote School Geography Department website. Here you will be able to find out details of the schemes of work that are carried out at GCSE.

Examination Board:- AQA A

A GCSE in Geography provides a valuable academic qualification which will help you in your future educational career and which provides a sound base for many jobs (including local government, the armed forces, the leisure industry and tourism, banking and teaching.)
GCSE Geography is an exciting and enjoyable course. Students who opt for this subject benefit greatly from the skills and knowledge they learned at KS3 and they will build upon these skills, plus learn new ones, in the GCSE course. These skills include map-work, cartographic and graphic skills, decision making skills, analysis and evaluation skills, etc.

The course content

GCSE Geography teaches a range of topics which fall into two main categories:

Physical geography focuses on three topics:

The restless earth
The living world
The coastal zone

Human geography looks at :

Population change
Changing urban environments

Fieldwork continues to be an important part of the course and students will be expected to complete a controlled assessment based on a local fieldwork investigation. There may be a possibility of a residential fieldwork course which will reinforce the classroom learning and enhance students’ enjoyment of the subject.

How the course is assessed:-

There will be two written examinations, one of which could be done at the end of Year 10. There will also be a controlled assessment (which includes fieldwork) that is worth 25% of the total marks and this will be completed in the Autumn term of Year 11.

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