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What is a controlled assessment?

Controlled assessment is really just supervised coursework.  Instead of being able to work on your coursework at home, you have to do it all in school. Also, some bits of the coursework have to be completed under examination conditions – this is called high level control.

AQA A requires one ‘local fieldwork investigation’ in Unit 3, worth 25% of the total marks. It involves 20 hours of work,
6 of which are to be done under high level control. There is a 2000 word limit on the coursework, which is between 12 – 20 pages of work. (However, some of those pages will be maps and graphs!) There must be an ICT contribution to the work, e.g. graphs, maps, annotated photographs, etc.

How will the time be divided up?

The task will take up to 20 hours (with additional time to collect primary fieldwork data). Students should spend:

  • 4 hours carrying out research and preparing notes
  • Up to 10 hours completing their introductions, methodologies & processing and presenting their data.
6 hours (high level control) writing their analysis, conclusion and evaluation.

The completed coursework will have seven parts:

1. Introduction
2. Methodology
3. Results
4. Analysis
5. Conclusion
6. Evaluation
7. Bibliography
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