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Welcome to the History Department at Heathcote School . Here you will find an ambitious and enthusiastic department that constantly seeks to enthuse and engage students in the practice of History. We feel the study of history provides a valuable framework for students’ moral, cultural and intellectual growth


The History Department constantly seeks to maintain and improve its professional standards for the benefit of its students. We believe that the study of History is an essential part of a student’s education. Indeed the National Curriculu m a ttaches great importance to the study of history believing

History fires pupils' curiosity about the past in Britain and the wider world. Pupils consider how the past influences the present, what past societies were like, how these societies organised their politics, and what beliefs and cultures influenced people's actions…They see the diversity of human experience, and understand more about themselves as individuals and members of society. What they learn can influence their decisions about personal choices, attitudes and values. In history, pupils find evidence, weigh it up and reach their own conclusions. To do this they need to be able to research, sift through evidence, and argue for their point of view - skills that are prized in adult life.

Effective teaching and learning in history can make a significant contribution to pupils' ability to value diversity and challenge racism. At Heathcote we seek for our pupils to;

  • become informed citizens, able to participate responsibly within a diverse and multi-ethnic society;
  • have a positive understanding of racial equality and ethnic and cultural diversity;
  • develop a knowledge and understanding of different experiences, beliefs and attitudes from their own, and be able to respect difference and appreciate the richness that diversity brings to a society;
  • develop a knowledge and understanding of the past, which they use to identify and challenge historical interpretations that are partial, exclusive, and that may serve particular ideological purposes;
  • critically evaluate a range of sources of information, identifying and challenging stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination;
  • use their knowledge and understanding of the past to gain an insight into current issues around human rights, equality and inequality, and migration and settlement in Britain and the wider world;
  • develop a sense of identity as British citizens within the wider world;
  • contribute towards building a cohesive society through recognising interdependence and diversity, and similarity and difference.
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