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Medicine Through Time

At Key Stage Four students continue to build on the skills they developed during the lower school and begin to see History in a broader context by exploring the development of human society through a particular theme – the Study of Medicine. This programme of study challenges students to see the relationships between seemingly disparate time periods and establish a genuine understanding of how and why they are linked together.

Students will cover broad themes based on developments on surgery, public health and hygiene and causes and cures of disease. They will examine how different societies responded to these different medical challenges based on the ideas prevalent at the time. They will explore Ancient civilisations – Egyptian, Greek and Roman , Viking and Saxon Britain, the Middle ages, the Medical Renaissance in Europe , Victorian Britain and medicine in the Twentieth Century.

The American West

Students will also undertake an in depth study of the development of The American West. Students will explore the factors leading to the spread of the modern American society across the Great Plains into West and its effect on the Native populations. They will explore the political, economic and social factors encouraging mass migration across the continent and how various communities established themselves and their cultures in a fledgling country. Students will become familiar with the culture and belief systems of the original native populations and will explore the impact of the migration of white Americans from the East coast to the West.

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