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Personal Rule And The Crisis Of The Monarchy – 1629-1642

Students will focus on the development of the Personal Rule under Charles I. They will explore the religious, political and economic factors leading to a crisis within the monarchy and decent into civil war. Students will explore in detail the nature of Personal Rule and the influence of key figures – Buckingham , Strafford and Laud and the roles the y played in shaping Charles ’ wishes.

Monarchy And Republic In England 1642-53

Students will explore the First Civil War in detail, identifying the key events and the factors leading to Royalist defeat. Students will development their knowledge and understanding of the political, religious and social effects of Parliamentary victory. Students will also examine the key growth and effects of Radicalism leading to a Parliamentary split. The programme will also focus on the Second Civil War, the regicide of Charles I and rule under the Republic and Cromwell

French Revolution and Napoleonic Era

Students will also study in depth the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Era. They will examine French society and the structure and function of the estates. In addition students will study the role of the French monarchy under Louis XVI and identify the causes leading to the French Revolution. Students will further their understanding of the period by an exploration of French society following the Revolution and the rise and impact of Napoleon.

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