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Key Stage 3

We develop work in line with the aims of the National Curriculum for Key Stage 3

We aim to develop basic skills in the use of ICT which are transferable to other areas of the curriculum.

Year 7 Work
  1. Using ICT
  2. Information and presentation
  3. Processing text and images
  4. Models – rules and investigations
  5. Data – designing structure, capturing and presenting data
  6. Control – input, process and output
Year 8 Work
  1. Public Information systems
  2. Publishing on the web
  3. Information – reliability, validity and bias
  4. Data – use and misuse
  5. Systems – integrating applications to find solutions
Year 9 Work
  1. Control Systems
  2. Global communications – negotiating and transferring data
  3. Systems: managing a project

Key Stage 4

Year 10 & 11 Work

IT is compulsory for all students. Students follow a short ICT course to GCSE using the OCR syllabus A –1094

Project 1a - Promotional Leaflet (30%)

Project 1b - Data base construction & Use (30%)

Theory Paper - 40%

Theory Paper Topics

  • Computer systems: components and types of system
  • Input and output devices
  • Storage devices and media
  • Introductory communications
  • Data: types and terminology
  • Information management and effects of it: legal issues,
  • Implications, health and safety
  • Practical skills and understanding relating to the use of ICT applications
  • Word processing, desk-top publishing and other presentation


  • Graphics production and image manipulation
  • Spreadsheets, modelling and databases
  • Data logging and control software
  • Systems tasks and software


Projects 1a & 1b should be completed by December in the second year of the course.

Post 16

This popular course has been developed in conjunction with the ICT Industry and reflects ICT’s use across industry, commerce and service sectors.

1st Year

  • Unit 1 – Presenting Information
  • Unit 2 – ICT Serving Organisations
  • Unit 3 – Spreadsheet Design

2nd Year

  • Three Optional units selected from:
  • Database Design
  • Multimedia
  • Graphics
  • Modelling and Simulations
  • Managing and developing a Web Site
  • Project Management
  • Impact of computers on Society

Units are assessed either by portfolio or an external assessment. Up to five units will be internally assessed through a programme of assignments set and marked in the school. At least one unit will be externally set and marked by Edexcel.

Deadlines are set by individual teachers at different times through years 12 and 13.
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