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Religious Education

Religious Education enables student to study the six major religions that are in Great Britain.  These are Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism.  We also examine social, moral and ethical issues and how the different religious traditions deal with them.  We encourage students to develop their own opinions on these issues and to be able to give a reason for their opinion and understand why others think differently.

Why study RE?  A question often asked by pupils.  There are many reasons for studying RE.  Firstly it is the law; however there are many other reasons.  It is considered an academic subject that develops skills of discussion, debate and self-expression in addition to learning about religious beliefs and practices.  These skills are required in many professions such as the law, caring professions such as social work, nursing, teaching, counselling, Police and the media.  Secondly RE helps pupils to understand other subjects many of which have a religious dimensions especially History, English, Science, Geography to name a few.  RE also helps pupils understand the impact of individuals and their beliefs on society.

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