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Course Description

The AS Chemistry course is made up of 3 units, two of which are assessed through examinations and one that is coursework based.  The exams are taken in January and June of Year 12 and the AS qualification is worth 50% of the A2 course, however, it is not necessary to go on to take the A2 course, as this is a qualification in its own right.  The A2 course is also made up of 3 units, assessed in the same way.  Both the AS and the A2 course contain elements of all Key Skills, which are integral to the study of Chemistry.
If you are considering doing any of the following subjects, then Chemistry fits in well with these: Biology, Physics, Maths, Psychology.

The aims of this course are to encourage students to:

  • Develop essential knowledge and understanding of the concepts of Chemistry
  • Develop an understanding of the link between theory and experiment
  • To be aware of how IT and instrumentation are used in Chemistry
  • Appreciate the contributions of Chemistry to society and the responsible use of scientific knowledge and evidence.
  • Sustain and develop enjoyment of, and interest in, Chemistry

Method of Assessment (and weightings)
Units at AS:
Unit F321 – Atoms, Bonds and Groups (30% AS/ 15% A2)
Unit F322 – Chains, Energy and Resources (50% AS/ 25%A2)
Unit F323 – Practical Skills in Chemistry 1 (20% AS/ 10% A2)
Units at A2:
Unit F324 – Rings, Polymers and Analysis (15% A2)
Unit F325 – Equilibria, Energetics and Elements (25% A2)
Unit F326 - Practical Skills in Chemistry 1 (10% A2)

Chemistry will allow you to gain entry to Higher Education courses in Pure Sciences, Petrochemistry, Pharmacy, Medicine, and Engineering.  The course will also support you in a range of Technology, Pharmaceutical, Agricultural and Forensic Science based careers.

Members of staff to contact:

Miss H McCollin, Heathcote

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