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Assignment Deadlines

Deadlines will depend on the individual subject teachers, however the final deadline for the academic year 2009 – 2010 is 7th April 2011.

Year 10

Core Science students in Year 10 complete all Internal Assessment in lessons.  They are however expected to prepare for the ‘Science in the News’ Assignment independently (see course description).  Students will be allowed approximately 1week from when the stimulus material is provided.  Preparation involves the collection of further evidence either supporting or contradicting the stimulus material.  These research materials should then be brought to the lesson to be used and referred to when writing their final report.  Failure to bring their evidence will result in the likelihood of failure of their Internal Assessment.

Year 11

Students taking the Vocational course will be completing the Core Science GCSE and so will complete ‘Science in the News’ as with year 10.

Internal Assessment in year 11 is carried out in the form of two separate tasks; a Research Study and a Data Task. 

Research Study

  • Students will be provided with stimulus material outlining the five questions that they will be expected to answer.
  • One week will be allowed for students to research the answers to these questions.
  • It is expected that students will site references for all resources that they use.
  • Students should bring copies of identified resources to the write up session.

Data Task

  • Students will be provided with stimulus material outlining the investigation that they are to perform.  The practical activity will not be assessed.
  • One week will be allowed for students to prepare for the written assessment.  All five questions to be answered are available in advance.
  • During the written assessment, students must complete answers to all five questions without reference to additional notes.

Both pieces of work will then be assessed using specific criteria.  Students may be asked to complete one or both of the tasks again to achieve their challenge grade, if necessary.

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